Every Email on Your Email List Counts

Every Email on Your Email List Counts

You work hard to deliver the very best to your customers, we make sure that nothing gets in your way!

Don’t let spam traps, hard bounces and low sender score mess with your email list. Validate your email list now and make sure you

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Are You Cleaning Your Email Lists on a Regular Basis?

It’s Easy to Get Blacklisted

You need to verify your email lists on a regular basis, it’s the one action that has the biggest effect on your email marketing bottom line. If your email list contain hard bounces, non-valid emails, and spam traps, it will destroy your sender score and get you blacklisted.



Email List Validation Prevents That…

In addition to helping you separate low-quality addresses from high-value contacts, we ensures that the emails on your list are being sent to real people. This is turn increases deliverability rates, which translates to more emails opened, which turns into more revenue at the end of the month!

Our Mission Is Simple

We’re Here to Support Your Email List Growth!

Our Mission Is Simple

We’re Here to Support Your Email List Growth!

Database Cleanup

Never worry about invalid email addresses again.

Boost Deliverability

You can only earn from delivered emails.

Data API

Real-time integration with PHP, Python, Ruby, .Net.

Full Support

Get answers fast or access our knowledgebase.


Deliverability Success
The highest in the industry.


Bounces Prevented
Protecting you from ISP penalties.


Email Addresses Verified
A real person behind each email.



More than 1500 Customer in 85 Country use our app

We were having deliverability issues with a database we acquired as part of another business. We ran the database through the e-validation test and problems were gone. We now use it for all our database acquisitions or cleanups of old databases.

Carl Dilley from Ecom Ally Corp

The user interface is easy to use and understand. I’ve verified about 50k email addresses with the tool, and been really happy with the overall experience so far.

Oskari Moisio from Sunstore Trading Oy

What a pleasure to find a service that allows me to quickly and easily separate the wheat from the chaff. My email is now deviled without the hassle of needing to wade through hundreds of bounces.

Vincenzo Sinisi from TherapyRoute

Overall great, nice user interface and easy to use. I like how easy and reliable the service always is. I can quickly get a clean list in matter of a few steps.

Aqueel Miqdad from GoGo Starters

After your verify, when I send my EDM process to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. I have been to sent EDM requirements and many years, but this is my first time to use this software. I can only say that I will continue to use it.

MD Chao from WooWeb

Trusted by leading companies

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How Easy to Use Is Email List Validation?

Very Easy…

A Straightforward Workflow

You need to do only three things to validate your email lists on Email List Validation:

Upload your email list in a TXT or CSV format file by dragging a file into the dotted area
and wait for the results.

We make sure that no one on your list gets an unsolicited email during validation.

Once your list has been verified, you can download your cleaned list.



Email deduplication

All the duplicate Email addresses are removed automatically

Spam-trap removal

All records of spam are removed thanks to our Intelligent Spam-Trap Indicators

Risk validation

Runs scans against High Risk Keywords and TLDs that an email address holds.

MTA validation

Checks for the Email Transfer Agent on whether it has a Valid MIX Records or not.

Domain confirmation

The email addresses containing inactive, invalid or parked Domains are removed

Complaints Removed

All the emails matching our Database of complaints are removed.

Syntax eliminator

Email addresses with invalid syntax are removed immediately from your emailing list.

Minimize Bouncing

The email addresses that were not accurately validated are sent undetectable verification emails to ensure their validity.

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